We Ship Furniture

We are ideal for pieces that are too small for a moving company – too large for a UPS or FedEx  service but it’s just right for us!  Folks who sell furniture love us.

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Me Tonto – You Ship!

Send me to CA Pronto Running a pack and ship business is a lot like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. A life size antique wood hand-carved Indian made its way inside Jackson Pack N Ship.   As a rare piece, his presence was needed at the Spiritual Journey Tribal…

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Full Service Cargo & Freight

Cargo, Furniture Freight Shipping is Easier Than You Think!

We Ship Furniture, Large & Awkward Stuff On Pallets It is easier than you think!  Jackson Pack N Ship is a unique retail ship center because of it’s full service freight and cargo shipping.  All you need to to is call with a description the item(s) and the destination and we can do the rest.…

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