High Speed Document Scanning

Go Paperless 1 Easy Step

Jackson Pack n Ship! is now home to Snappy Scan service, a high speed scanning service that turns your hard copy documents into electronic files, (pdf). It is time to consider what you can do with the space at home taken up by ugly file cabinets – that is if you filed your important documents.  For those that have desk top piles of files, our scanning service is even better.

-Medical records,

-Mortgage documents,

-Tax Returns,

-Insurance Policies and

-Legal Documents


How it Works – While You Wait or Drop-Off

Bring in any document for scanning and a flash drive if needed.  Our snappy high speed scanner scans a stack within a minutes.  Seriously we timed it.  The .pdf file is then emailed to you (up to 15 pages per file) or stored for you on a flash drive.

So, with no need for paper copies, use our handy shredding service to get rid of them.

Label your flash drives and store in a safe place.  Replace file cabinets with a new more attractive piece of furniture, a plant or artwork.  I’ve always wanted a desk top water fountain that trickles over pebbles.  Without the piles of files, I can have one!

Did you know that the Paperless Office concept was first introduced in the 70’s as a futuristic office work-style, when the first personal computers were introduced?  The advantages of going paperless are many and undeniable.