Shipping Glass and China Our Special Care

Let Us Pack Heirloom Dishes – You Won’t Be Disappointed!

Have heirloom crystal or china to pass on to your grandchildren?

Even when they live across the country, there is no reason to lose hope. We specialize in packaging very fragile pieces for shipping even if they are going 2000 miles away.
Jackson Pack N Ship has strict standards for packaging and shipping very fragile and valuable fine china. We require our packers to individually bubble wrap each piece before placing them in a box cushioned with packing peanuts. This box is again placed in a larger container which is intended to take the brunt of all handling, shock and vibration while in transit. We refer to this packaging technique as double boxing.

If there is concern about transporting your china or crystal to Jackson Pack N Ship, we can help. We are happy to pack dishes at your home and transport them to our shop for shipping. We don’t want anything to get in the way of passing on a family legacy.