Business Accounts

Ship On Account With Us

Enjoy On-Account Mailing and Shipping

At Jackson Pack N Ship, our business account holders enjoy the convenience of dropping off items for shipping or mailing. There is no need to bring cash and no waiting for the check-out process. We will save your credit card information or, we can invoice you at the end of the month. You would then write a check for all Jackson Pack N Ship services including copies, faxes and notarymailbox rental, postage, next-day air, shipping, packaging and more.

Our business account customers are doctor, dentists, and insurance offices and more

Set up an account anytime.

It is easy and convenient and takes only 5 seconds! Bring in your company credit card and place it on file.  We invoice monthly and use primarily 15 day terms.  Many of our account customers use the credit card on file for making easy payments.

Hate Trying to Make a Claim?

It’s not that easy for a small business that has a busy schedule. Any trouble with a package and Jackson Pack N Ship is on it. We handle any claims so you don’t have to. That is our job.