Me Tonto – You Ship!

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Running a pack and ship business is a lot like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

A life size antique wood hand-carved Indian made its way inside Jackson Pack N Ship.   As a rare piece, his presence was needed at the Spiritual Journey Tribal Gallery in Stanton CA.   Hitch-hiking was out of the question so he made his way to our store for packing and shipping, a lot less hassle for him.

During his short stay in the store, he endured a lot of looks and stares. He was anatomically correct so an appropriate looking scarf was used around his waist giving him an authentic Tarzan look.   Although he didn’t say much, he was angry looking – very angry. In his hand is the head of the last person that crossed his path. He seems to be saying, “I can’t live without Jackson Pack N Ship!”
A couple of weeks later, he made it to California safe and sound, albeit a little stuffy for him. He was delivered strapped on a pallet securely wrapped in a well cushioned box. May be there are other wood-carvings in the gallery on exhibit to keep him company there.

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