Shipping Golf Clubs

See How You Can Use Your Personal Clubs Anywhere

At Jackson Pack N Ship, you can have the advantage of using your personal golf clubs wherever you play. We make it easy for your clubs to meet you anywhere you’re going including hotels, vacation homes and even the golf course. Just bring in your clubs, the entire set if you wish. Our trained staff at JPNS professionally packs clubs and accessories.

We’ve Got The Right sized box.

Other golf club packaging services only offer the larger 15x15x48 box that cost much more to ship.  An average sized golf club bag with a set of clubs usually fits in a 10x10x48 sized box – a box that Jackson Pack N Ship carries in stock always.  You can easily save $40 by using the right sized box.

Our Plan Calls For Easy return

We print your return label.  You can take it with you or we will pack securely  inside the  box.   When departing for home, simply place the golf clubs in the same box, tape it up, place the return label over the old one and the hotel concierge should take care of the rest.  Hotels easily stage your shipment with others for the driver to pick up or if you prefer, drop off your package at the nearest location on your way to the airport.

“Traveling and playing golf go hand-in-hand. Many golfers refuse to travel with their clubs because of the horror stories from disgruntled passengers. The thought of a lucky or irreplaceable clubs broken to entire sets disappearing into the vortex of unclaimed baggage can drive a golfer to stay to his local courses. So many fear airlines will misdirect their prized sets that they refuse to travel with them unless it’s by car. There are plenty of ways to ship clubs that can keep them safe and ensure they make it to the intended destination.”   – taken from from

“I ship mine to Texas from Oregon all the time. Load up a bag with the clubs, shoes, balls and all accessories, and then ship it out. My bag with all of the above weighs in at about 50 pounds”