Ship a Taste of Jackson

How to Ship Coney Sauce Anywhere

Jackson Michigan believes it is home to the original coney island hot dog. Even Mike from American Pickers says so! True or not, Jackson is home to many vintage coney spots, each one having a loyal customer base.

Jackson Pack N Ship is your way to take it with you, or create one of those unique gifts for family and friends far away. Ship some authentic coney sauce for your next care package, birthday gift or just for fun!

For freshness and quality, Jackson Pack N Ship has developed a packaging combination that will insure your products arrive in excellent condition, packed frozen in an insulated cooler.

How to Ship:

  • Purchase frozen or freeze.
  • Less expensive Ground service available to MI, OH, IN, IL, WI, IA, TN, KY, SC, NC, VA, WV, PA, NY, NJ, DE, RI, MD, CT, WI, GA)
  • All others 2-Day Air is recommended

BONUS WINTER DAYS – When weather is freezing, shipping perishables is easier.  Ground service options open for west coast destinations. Great for sending at Christmas, New Year, and Valentines Day holidays.

How to Ship Wine

Lift a glass across parts of the country...

and discover the joy of sending a fine selection of wine to friends and family without any hassle. We are authorized to ship to most states. Here are the states that we cannot ship to: Alabama, Massachusetts, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mississippi, and Utah.

Jackson Pack N Ship is now the area’s ONLY authorized retail shipper!

Try taking a bottle of wine to the postal service, FedEx or UPS for shipping and find they can’t but . . . we can!   Local and fine wines make awesome gifts especially when extending a

  • Thank You for a travel stay,
  • Long distance Romance,
  • Happy Birthday wish,
  • Christmas cheer
  • great pairing for a Dinner Party,
  • thoughtful Housewarming,
  • and Wedding celebrations.

Why couldn’t we ship it before?  Similar to needing a liquor license to distribute alcohol, all wine shipping must be licensed and authorized according to federal and state laws. Jackson Pack N Ship is proud to announce that we met the requirements to be authorized.

What about Beer and Liquor? Our authorization extends to Wine only.

How do I pack a bottle?  No worries! We have everything needed to ship wine including packaging specifically designed for wine bottles.

Creative Ways To Say I Love You

Send Cookies – Homemade Chili – Even Pizza

Want  to send some Vernors to Alaska?  Or how about sending Bob his favorite homemade Chex Mix?  Jackson Pack N Ship can make it happen.  We are up to the challenge for packaging and shipping anything perishable so it arrives as tasty as the day it was shipped.

Shipping a favorite food item is one of the most exciting ways to celebrate Valentines Day or anytime you want to say I Love You!

Don’t worry about packaging.  We have styro-foam packaging material for any size box needed.  So go ahead, make Grandma’s Gingerbread Cake and bring it to us.  We’ll make sure gets there for that special taste of home.

 Here are a few Life Hacks for the Best Delivery:

  • It is best to ship perishables, such as baked goods, meat or fruit, on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday during the holiday season.
  • Whenever possible, ship perishables for next-day delivery to minimize time in transit. Avoid shipping perishables on a Thursday or Friday, or else the package may suffer extreme temperatures for as many as four days.
  • Keep items refrigerated or frozen until just prior to bringing it in to Jackson Pack N Ship. Bring in a few frozen gel packs with the goodies to keep them cool.  We may be able to place the item in our in-store refrigerator for storage until courier pick-up.
  • Freeze cakes, including cheesecakes and layer cakes, before shipping to keep it solid. Wrap the frozen cake in plastic wrap and then in aluminum foil to help keep it cold.Despite precautions, icing may smear and decorations may become crushed in transit.
  • Place individually wrapped cookies in a plastic container.