Package Drop-Off Services in Jackson, MI

Convenient Drop-Off location for FedEx, UPS, and DHL! Please make sure that your drop offs are taped and properly labeled. Or, you can purchase tape in the store so that you can get them taped up!

Jackson Pack N Ship is an approved shipper for FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL in Jackson, MI. As such, we pride ourselves on fast, professional packing, and shipping services.

Jackson Pack N Ship is also authorized as a drop-off location by the same carriers, so businesses with their own accounts can drop off their already-packed and labeled shipments at our location to be picked up by daily by the carrier.

If you have a valid account with FedEx, UPS or DHL, you can drop your ready-for-shipping letter or package at any of  our locations—at no additional chargeNote: any additional packaging, taping, or labeling that may be needed to properly protect your shipment may require additional fees.

We accept ready-for-shipment letters and packages for: FEDEX, UPS and DHL


Pick Up Cut-off - Express

  • Spring Arbor Rd: 3:15PM
  • West Ave: 3:30PM

Pick Up Cut-off - Ground

  • Spring Arbor Rd: 3:00PM
  • West Ave: 3:00PM

Pick Up Cut-off

  • Spring Arbor Rd: 4:30PM
  • West Ave: 3:30PM
  • USPS PREPAID Labels must be taken to the US Post Office so they can scan it in for you.

Pick Up Cut-off

  • Spring Arbor Rd: 3:00PM
  • West Ave: 3:30PM
  • We are NOT capable of reading Amazon QR Codes. They must be taken to a UPS Store

Pick Up Cut-off

  • Spring Arbor Rd: 2:30PM
  • West Ave: 1:45PM