We Ship Furniture

Shipping is Ideal for Moving 1 or 2 Pieces

Got a Buffet Table, Chair, Dresser, or Desk that you want from here to there? We are ideal for pieces that are too small for a moving company – too large for a UPS or FedEx service but it’s just right for us! 

Families who have generational furniture to pass along love us a lot.

How does it work? After careful consideration, we figure out the packaging needed then we palletize firmly and securely, (see also Cargo page). Palletizing has a unique feature that adds safety to anything shipped.  Pallets are loaded onto the truck to make their way to final designation. When the shipment arrives to the terminal near the delivery point, the recipient is given a call to arrange for delivery. The truck arrives, backs into the driveway and unloads the pallet. It is as simple as that!

Freight Carrier:

  • Major carriers such as; UPS, FedEx, R & L, Roadway and ABF,
  • Residential outside delivery,
  • Requires palletizing and packaging,
  • Economical rates based on weight,and destination
  • 7-10 day delivery continental U.S.
  • We also offer International pallet shipping. Call for specifications. 

Air Freight:

  • Typically the fastest of all the freight services,
  • Requires packaging,
  • Best for shipments that are:
    • Time-critical
    • High value
    • Especially fragile