We Take Prepaid UPS, Postal and FedEx Labels

3 trips made into 1 at Jackson Pack N Ship!

Need to return an online purchase with a provided UPS or FedEx prepaid label?  Each different type of label must go into the right carrier shipping system, UPS or FedEx, not to mention the USPS.  Which office store chain does UPS  and which has FedEx?

I can never get it straight, so why should you?


As an authorized ship center for UPS, USPS and FedEx, Jackson Pack N Ship! is the only place in town that accepts all brands of pre-paid return labeled packages.  Really!  JPNS is an independent ship center, which means that you are free from having to drive to separate locations for each type label.  3 trips made into 1 at Jackson Pack N Ship!

Things to know about pre-paid return labels:

The online store will usually deduct a fee from your account to pay for the shipping.  The fee can be as small as $4.95, however some fees are $8.95 or more.  Be sure to know what fee you will be charged.  JPNS is keen to see where you may be over paying and will suggest an alternative for you if one exists.

It is highly recommended that you retain the tracking number of the return label just in case the online store doesn’t credit your account and claims that they did not receive your return.  Prepaid labeled packages do not appear in the database at JPNS as a sale so we cannot save and retrieve the tracking number for these labels if lost.  The tracking number can provide you with valuable information if you need to prove delivery.

As with any returned merchandise, include a copy of the sales invoice or packing ship to identify you as the returning customer.