Life Hack for Heavy Flower Pots

Use Packing Peanuts for Pot Filler

Now is the time of year Jackson Pack N Ship rescues many gardeners from lifting heavy flower pots. Our packing peanuts grace the inside of pots of many beautiful flowers in town.  Disposal worries? Here’s the solution: put packing peanuts in a plastic grocery bag and seal it with tape into a small ball. Place it in the bottom of the flower pot and add soil to the top. Reuse the bag every year.

Here’s what some experienced gardeners had so say about how to use packing peanuts as pot filler:

Packing Peanuts from Jackson Pack N Ship!

Packing Peanuts from Jackson Pack N Ship!

“You can get two kinds of packing peanuts – Styrofoam ones work in your pots, but the biodegradable corn starch peanuts might not hold up too well. Jackson Pack N Ship has the Styrofoam kind.”
By Corrinne

“The pots aren’t as heavy and you save money by not having to buy as much compost. Hope this helps.”
By Bess

“Don’t forget to cover the hole in the bottom with, say, a coffee filter then your packing stuff then your potting soil. Water then add more soil. That should do it.”
By Glenda

“Then, I add the styrofoam one third to half way and fill the rest with potting soil. Not only is it a filler, it weighs nothing”
By Jan