Pack for Shipping Service

We Think Inside the Box

packagingSuccessful shipping is based on using the right size box, the right cushioning and the right technique for your precious cargo.

Jackson Pack N Ship’s 5 Level packaging menu is customizable for any shipment.

IMPORTANT: 2015 marks the first year where all shipping rates are based on box size, not just weight. What does this mean? An item packed in a too big box will cost more to ship. Even if it weights only 3 pounds, for example, the shipping rate may be 15 pounds based on box size, regardless. Dimension weighting creates pressure to pack items in smaller boxes, in turn allowing for carriers to load trucks more efficiently.



We’ve added more box sizes to our inventory to minimize shipping costs without sacrificing quality.


The cost of using our packing service is less than you might think.  You pay for only the supplies needed no more, no less. DIY folks end up spending more on unused supplies plus have all the hassles of driving all over town to get them. Take it easy on yourself and your wallet. Make one step to Jackson Pack N Ship and leave the rest to us.