Snowbird Mail Forwarding

Personal Mail Forwarding Service

Snowbirds feeling no mail forwarding trouble!

How many days or weeks does it take for your mail to catch up to you in Florida?  Have you paid late fees for it or worse loose mail in the move?  Never deal with that mess again by using a private mail box and our mail forwarding service at Jackson Pack N Ship!

Our private mailbox rental service receives your mail year round.  When it’s time for the trip south, let us know the address you are staying.  We hand sort and forward your mail when and when you want.   No forms! No doubt!  Once you return to our fine state of Michigan, your mail will be in your private mailbox waiting for you.  No need  to forward mail back.  No forms! No doubt!

How does it work?  Visit Jackson Pack N Ship! (1405 N. West Ave. or 1737 Spring Arbor Rd) to rent a private mailbox.  Make a permanent address change for all your mail to the private mailbox.  Pick up mail in the box anytime night or day and then, when the time is right, let us know your leaving for Florida.  Most of our snowbird customers call us on the phone after they have arrived in Florida to ask us to forward mail.  Mail is sent to you how you want and when you want, even overnight FedEx or UPS if needed.

One of our favorite snowbird customers travels around Florida to different locations on a weekly basis.  I don’t think he has lost a piece of mail in years!

Private mailboxes are personal and strictly confidential and are not affiliated with the postal service or government agency except for delivering the mail to our shop.