We Are Ready For You

Jackson’s Best Christmas Shipping Experience

We are the shipping store in Jackson MI that is different.  We are ready to make your shipping experience the best you have ever had.

Our parking is great!  You are never more than a few feet from the front door and there are no curbs or steps.

Santa’s helper is here to carry in packages from your car into the store, and if he’s not available, there is a cart so you can easily load and wheel in.

If there is a short line (heaviest shipping days are December 9th through the 19th), a table is available for your items instead of holding them the entire time.  If you watch how we handle each transaction at the counter, notice that we are very serious  getting the best packaging, value and service for the gifts you are sending.  You will feel very confident that gifts will get where they need to go on time.  We may take a few more seconds to ask you questions so that we make the right recommendations so ask us any question you want!

We realize that by the time you are ready to ship, you are already exhausted and grumpy.  We are the store that is different and our goal is to be happy even if you aren’t.  You are not just next in line to us!