Open a Private Mailbox

There is a mailbox waiting for you!

Begin receiving mail at one of our 2 locations within days by following the instructions below.  Can’t physically pick up your mail?  We can forward it to you!

Print These Instructions
Print the Forms to Rent a Mailbox

Things You Need:

  1. The Rental rate sheet,
  2. The Rental agreement,
  3. USPS authorization and
  4. Credit card authorization.
  5. 2 pieces of identification

Here’s What To Do

  • Sign the rental agreement and credit card authorization.
  • Complete the USPS form and sign it.  YOUR SIGNATURE MUST BE NOTARIZED!
  • Make copies of the TWO pieces of identification required.  Specific information is in the rental rate sheet, but here a short list of popular ones:  valid drivers license, voter registration, vehicle registration.
  •  Next, Complete the on-line form below to select the location for your mailbox and send us the completed forms.   This will start the process to reserve a box number for you. 
  • You will get an email for contacting this location including the fax number for sending documents.
  • Email or fax the completed, signed, dated  documents to the location you selected. 
  • You will get an actual mailbox number when the paperwork is completed and the charges applied to your credit card.

Let’s Get This Mailbox Started

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