Luggage Ship Ahead

Pack Heavy, Travel Light

Would you be interested if we said that while traveling you can:

  • Skip the long line to check your bag at the airport
  • Save money by never paying unexpected luggage fees?
  • Bypass the wait at the luggage carousel for your suitcase to finally appear?
  • Never wait for TSA to finish rummaging through your stuff?
  • Be free of worry that someone at the airport walks off with your luggage?
  • Smile while everyone else crams luggage in the overhead compartment

Business Travelers:

From presentations to signage and more, have everything waiting for you upon your arrival so you can focus on your business.

Vacation Travelers:

Start your vacation off on the right note when you ship your luggage it is already waiting for you when you reach your destination. Let us pack and ship your skis, golf clubs, strollers and more.

You can generally expect shipping ahead to be more secure and you’re far less likely to have your bag “mishandled” (that’s the fun word the Department of Transportation uses) by your airline or the TSA.

Just so you are informed: In most cases, shipping your luggage is a little more expensive than checking it with your airline. When comparing the value of the benefits, most travelers choose to pay for shipping if it means a more pleasant trip.

Do This Before You Ship Ahead:

  • To get the best deal on shipping your luggage, you should consider using ground service, which mean shipping a few days in advance.
  • Before you ship, you should contact the hotel first to make sure they will accept luggage and can store it securely until your arrival, recommends Sally Davenport, a FedEx spokeswoman.
  • Also, some of your items may never get off the ground. Aerosol sprays, perfume, cologne and nail polish remover are all considered dangerous goods and can’t be shipped.