What Are Those Old No Price Stamps Worth?

Alphabet Stamp Mystery Solved

Want to know what those “no-price”postage stamps cluttering up your kitchen drawer are worth? The ones without the price printed on them?  Don’t throw ‘em out just yet. They may come in handy. They’re called “nondenominational” or “FOREVER” stamps issued by the USPS. You can see most of them in dozens of color photos of these “unknowns” updated Jan 15, 2010. Follow this link to the National Postal Museum .


Alphabet stamps are not the only ones the USPS has issued without denominations – there have been thirty-some other ordinary First Class rate stamps, several semi-postals, special stamps for Bulk Rate and other high-volume uses, and four lettered Official stamps.

Images are provided so that if you find some of these in a drawer and want to know what they are worth, you will be able to identify them.

Can old stamps be used today?  Yes, although you may have to add extra postage to get up to the current rate.