Got An Amazon’s Return? Beware of this Snag

Problem:   Amazon’s ‘No Printer, No Problem’ is a Big Problem

Amazon recently added a label selection for return shipping that provides using QR code.  The instructions say to take it to the shipping store for a quick and easy scan and the label is printed for you.  That’s only if you take it to the  UPS Store franchise in Chelsea or Lansing!  That’s crazy!  Amazon and UPS have managed a proprietary partnership to scan QR codes to produce labels, excluding all other shipping centers.

Solution:  Instead Use Email a Friend –  We Are Your New Friend!

Our Easy Solution:  Select “Email a Friend”.  Jackson Pack N Ship! is your new friend at (Spring Arbor Rd location) or (for N West Ave location).  Use our printer!  Our $2 service will save you a trip to Chelsea.

2018 Update

For MOST returns, Amazon has shut down the ability to cancel a return to change the method! Drats!  This means having selected “No Printer, No Problem” you are indeed stuck driving to Chelsea or Lansing to get a return label.