2019 Holiday “Ship-By” Dates

Shipping Earlier Gets Better Rates

Spread more cheer this holiday season. Create a shipping label and get gifts packed on time with Jackson Pack N Ship!  Shipping earlier than these dates is always a good idea just in case of weather delays, especially this time of year.

  • Beware of making gift purchases that cannot be shipped.  Beer or liquor make nice gifts but are NOT allowed but WINE IS.  
  • Care packages to soldiers stationed abroad should be in the postal system as early as possible  Cargo planes get full real fast this time of year.
  • Carrier date specific delivery guarantee lift on Thanksgiving.

  Holiday gift givers have several options at Jackson Pack N Ship.

SPECIAL 2019 NOTE:  Christmas falls on a Wednesday. Tuesday is not an available delivery date with FedEx Ground.  UPS is delivering that day.

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